Miami Electric Masters is committed to protecting online 使用r privacy. 以确保您的隐私, information Miami Electric Masters collects through our web site at (“Site”) is 使用d only in the manner and for the purposes described in this bwin娱乐平台登录电气大师隐私政策 (“隐私政策.”)


任何人访问, 浏览, 或以其他方式使用本网站, 要么手动,要么通过自动化设备或程序, 应被视为“用户”.“所有用户均受本隐私政策条款约束. 用户同意收集, 使用, and disclosure of personally identifiable 用户 information (“Information”) pursuant to the terms of this 隐私政策.


Miami Electric Masters collects the email address of 用户s that email a question or comment to Miami Electric Masters or submit a customer review.

bwin娱乐平台登录电气大师收集账单和送货地址, 包括相关的电子邮件, phone and credit card numbers and expiration dates of 用户s who purchase a product from Miami Electric Masters through the Site. This includes 用户s who register to become Miami Electric Masters members or enter any Miami Electric Masters contests or other promotional features available on the Site.

Through the 使用 of “cookies” (For more information regarding 饼干, 见下文), Miami Electric Masters may collect and store anonymous information relating to 用户s’ 浏览 patterns, 包括, 例如, 用户的浏览器版本, 网站信息查询, IP地址, 操作系统, 和其他技术网站使用信息.


本网站使用了互联网浏览器的一种名为Cookie的功能, which is a file that a 用户’s Web browser places on a 用户’s computer’s hard drive, to assign an identification code to the computer and to collect anonymous 浏览 information. 在这个网站上, cookies are 使用d in conjunction with session variables to track a 用户’s shopping cart and expire as soon as an order is completed or if a shopping cart sits idle for a lengthy period without being checked-out.

Miami Electric Masters does not 使用 饼干 to retrieve Information about 用户s from a 用户’s computer unless the 用户 knowingly and willingly provided such Information.

You may set your Internet Web browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being sent. 如果你阻止cookie被发送, you may limit the functionality Miami Electric Masters can provide you when you visit the Site, 尤其是在网站上购买物品时.


Miami Electric Masters 使用s the Information collected from its 用户s to:

  • 回应用户的问题或评论;
  • Administer a 用户’s contest entry or entry in other promotional feature;
  • Fulfill a 用户’s purchase request and notify 用户s of their order status; and
  • 向用户提供网站的重要功能更改, new Miami Electric Masters services and special offers we think you will find valuable.


Unless we have your consent or except as required or permitted by 法律, bwin娱乐平台登录电气大师不会卖出去, 分享, trade or give away any Information that it collects or receives regarding its 用户s.

Miami Electric Masters may disclose information about our 用户s to others if we have a good faith belief that we are required to do so by 法律 or legal process, 回应索赔, 或者保护他们的权利, bwin娱乐平台登录电气大师或其他人的财产或安全. Miami Electric Masters may disclose Information to third party in the event that a third party acquires Miami Electric Masters or its assets. (参见下面的出售或收购部分.)


本网站可提供超连结, which are highlighted words or pictures within a hypertext document that, 当点击, 把你带到文件中的另一个地方, 到另一个文件, or may take you to a third party website not controlled by Miami Electric Masters. These hyperlinked third party websites may collect and disclose Information different than this Site. bwin娱乐平台登录电气大师不负责收集, 使用, 或披露通过这些网站收集的信息, and Miami Electric Masters expressly disclaims any and all liability related to such collection, 使用, 或披露.


The Miami Electric Masters Site is not directed towards children under 18 years of age and Miami Electric Masters does not knowingly collect any information from children under 18 years of age through the Site.


Miami Electric Masters has security measures to protect against the loss, 滥用, 以及在我们控制下的信息变更, 包括 credit card information that is submitted to Miami Electric Masters When 用户s place orders or access their account information, 本网站使用安全服务器软件(SSL), which encrypts all information 用户s’ input before it is sent to us. Thus, we have taken steps to protect the Information we collect from you from unauthorized access. 不幸的是, no system is perfect; therefore, Miami Electric Masters makes no representations or warranties with regard to the sufficiency of these security measures. Miami Electric Masters shall not be responsible for any actual or consequential damages that result from a lapse in compliance with this 隐私政策 beca使用 of a security breach or technical malfunction.


In the event that another company acquires Miami Electric Masters or all or part of its assets, we reserve the right to include Information among the assets transferred to the acquiring company.


提交到本网站的信息将被收集, 加工过的, 存储, 披露和处置按照适用的美国.S. 法律. 如果你是非美国人.S. 用户, you acknowledge and agree that we may collect and 使用 your Information, 正如上面所讨论的, 在你的居民管辖范围之外. In addition, such Information may be 存储 on servers located 在你的居民管辖范围之外. U.S. 法律 may not provide the degree of protection for Information that is available in other countries. 通过向我们提供您的信息, 您确认您已阅读本隐私政策, 理解它, agree to its terms and consent to the transfer of such Information 在你的居民管辖范围之外. 如果您不同意本保单的条款, 请勿使用本网站, 但如果您已向我们提供有关资料, please contact us and let us know how you would like us to handle such information.


Miami Electric Masters reserves the right to amend this 隐私政策 periodically.